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We offer two types of consulting services. The first service we offer involves Compliance & Anti-Fraud Programs, which are often geared towards complete or partial management of operations for a new or existing Insurance Anti-Fraud unit (also referred to as Special Investigations Unit). The second consulting service we offer is that of a Fractional Chief Investigator. Our goal is to provide our clients with efficient and effective investigative and compliance solutions, tailored to their specific needs. With our in-depth knowledge of insurance fraud and our expertise, we are dedicated to helping our clients safeguard their interests, protect their reputation, and achieve their anti-fraud objectives.

Compliance & Anti-Fraud

Our Compliance and Anti-Fraud Programs ensure that you are always in compliance with your state's insurance Anti-Fraud regulations and requirements.

Anti-Fraud Plan

Most states require that an initial Anti-Fraud plan is filed when the insurance carrier is admitted for doing business.

We can file your initial Anti-Fraud plan or make any updates as required by the state's regulation.


Anti-Fraud training is important, and depending on the jurisdiction, it is sometimes required. 

We offer training to keep your claim professionals vigilant in mitigating insurance fraud and abuse.

SIU Designate

As your SIU Designate, we will manage any state investigative inquiries, represent your company in any legal matter related to an investigation handled by us, and all compliance and Anti-Fraud training requirements to include annual reporting.

Fractional Chief Investigator 

Our experience building and leading Anti-Fraud programs will provide your organization with greater peace of mind and the assurance you've hired experts. Expertise at a a fraction of the cost.

Startups, scaleups, and small to mid-sized companies stand to benefit from hiring a fractional executive to perform the same duties at a fraction of the cost for a full-time executive. A fractional Chief Investigator Officer is responsible for strategy and plan execution and any relevant compliance requirements. 

The Fractional model helps with eliminating the cost of high-end salaries, employee benefits, and long-term commitments that are part of hiring a full-time executive leader. We work closely with our clients to develop and implement comprehensive investigative strategies, oversee investigations, manage teams, and provide expert guidance to help organizations effectively combat fraud. If you are thinking of establishing or reestablishing an Insurance Anti-Fraud department, the Fractional model is your best solution - on your timeline!

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